Behind the scenes with Denise Vivaldo – Secrets of a Food Stylist – VIDEO EDITION

Wanted : Food Stylist

  • All classicly trained chefs who suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) – PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON …  bring tweezers.
  • You must know how to cook EVERYTHING … without a recipe
  • You must love cooking food, touching food, playing with food, painting food, Scotch Guarding food, and torching food, but NEVER,  EVER ,  must you EAT  the food, or heaven forbid … let the crew EAT the food!
  • You must be able to stand on your feet for 12-24 hours at a time and be able to lift at least 333 pounds of produce.  Be willing to carry  several frozen turkeys, boxes of props, tables, and trash to and from the set… sometimes without a cart.   
  • You may be asked to work in a makeshift kitchen outside, in a tent, in the rain, in a kitchen up a 4 flights of stairs, or even out of a van in the summer with no air conditioning.
  • You must have complete working knowledge of how to unclog a sink, fix the gas on a portable stove, and be able to jimmy a refrigerator on wheels – so that it doesn’t roll down the street.
  • You must be able to smile and say, “YES” even when you want to cry, and tell the client “HELL NO”!
  • You must be willing to fish through 20 cans of beans for the perfect “10” and then be willing to spend countless hours keeping those beans fresh and delicious until it is their turn to pose for the camera.
  • You will have to magically guess how many times the talent will screw up on camera and plan the shopping list around their mistakes.     If the producer asks for more eggs on take 116, you better have them ready to go and don’t forget  –   YOU MUST STAY ON BUDGET!
  • You will keep your mouth shut, bite your tongue, and agree with the talent when they try to educate you on how to properly cook the recipe for their famous Bisquick  !&!!#!! . – you then  must rave about how wonderful their recipe is.
  • You will learn to not ask, “WHY”?  
  • Finally and most importantly,  you must learn how to hold a RAW chicken for 5 days and make it look … GLAMOROUS for the camera … THE ABBONDANZA!

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  • Valentina March 10, 2012, 5:48 am

    that was fun to watch — and I learned a new, fun word — abbondaza! 😀

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