I think I could stop … if I wanted to. Chocolate malted martini

Grandma's Ovenex Cake Pans

I might have a serious problem.  I’ve watched enough episodes of  Hoarders Buried Alive to know that what I’m about to tell you could be … well …  considered by some to be a medical condition that needs to be treated.

I mean …  I think I could stop …  if I wanted to … I mean it,  I really plan on cutting back.  Tomorrow.

I know you are thinking it’s food, that perhaps I’m back on the grilled cheese wagon again – but no … It’s much worse.

I cannot stop collecting vintage treasures.  Furniture, phones, dishes, aprons, dresses, earrings …  if it smells like your grandma – I want it.  It’s the thrill of walking into that thrift store, not ever knowing what dandy delight I might discover!

Midas of Miami 1 of a kind basket purse - 1956

There is an enticing mystery to every piece that I find.  I can’t help but ask myself, ” Who first owned this, what was she like, was she as excited as I am to show off this spiffy bird basket around town?”  Yes, I carry this everywhere I go, it’s quite the conversation piece.

Once I bring these babies home, I find the perfect place for each new addition to the family.  I adopted these three all from different places, but here next to my stove they will live happily ever after,  partners for life – salt & pepper.

A girl can never have too many tea cups, especially when you find the saucer AND the cup together in a matching set … I just had to have them, you understand right?  I would’ve been crazy NOT to buy them.  It’s not like I’m buying things that don’t work.

Well maybe just a few things, like this mint green radio.  It doesn’t work, but I needed it to

sit on top of my new vintage dresser with the Lucite handles.  Look at all that detail !  They just don’t make them like that anymore!  So I love old things, I’m not hurting anybody … I like to think of it as recycling.

I came close to hitting rock bottom once.  There I was right in the middle of a funeral reception when it hit me.  A dear friend’s grandmother had passed, and as I stood in the kitchen making small talk with the family  I was uncontiously scanning the room taking inventory of all of Grandma’s possessions!  JEEPERS CREEPERS!  For a second I felt kinda bad … but then I just shook it off, Grandma would’ve like it that I appreciated her style.

This is Grandma’s pink phone … that sits on the dresser … next to the mint green radio, it”s the bee’s knees! (Thank you Grandma Ann!)

So the next time your out driving along, and you spot a Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Take a minute to go inside, go treasuring hunting, think of me,  I might just be there.  I’ll be the gal with a full cart and a flower in her hair.  Until then, let’s share a drink.  Shopping makes me thirsty.

Chocolate Malted Martini

serves 1

Handful of crushed Whoppers

1 ½ oz half and half or cream

2 Tablespoons of malted milk powder


1-1/2 oz chocolate vodka

1 oz Godiva chocolate liquor

  • Crush the candies in a plastic bag and pour onto a plate.
  • Moisten the rim of the glass with vodka and then press the glass into the powdered candy – chill.
  • Pour the half and half into a martini shaker with the malted milk powder – shake well until the powder dissolves.
  • Fill the shaker half way with ice and pour in the vodka and chocolate liquor.
  • Shake well – serve in a chilled martini glass.
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  • Lora March 27, 2012, 2:19 pm

    I am a hopeless collector of old things too. Mostly glassware. It’s bad. I also love malted anything and this martini is a genius idea!

  • Lynne @ CookandBeMer March 29, 2012, 12:12 am

    I would bring back from the 1950’s the coffee klatsch. At least two or three times a week all the neighborhood moms would meet at someone’s house for coffee and a baked treat, like coffee cake or danish. None of the moms worked outside the home and never considered it. That was just the way things were. They would talk about their kids, families, food and problems. Everyone went home feeling heard and supported. I was in 3rd grade in 1953 and those 16 moms from up and down our street are still in my memories.

  • Dorothy at Shockingl March 29, 2012, 7:18 pm

    Love you and your style! You are killin’ me with that martini!

  • Lentil Breakdown April 2, 2012, 5:16 am

    If you really want something that smells like a grandma, buy some Jean Nate at Walgreens.

  • sippitysup April 3, 2012, 1:37 pm

    I used to have the collecting bug. Then one day I realized I didn’t need one more thing, maybe ever. But I still get that itch when I pass a Thrift Store. GREG

  • renee May 2, 2012, 8:34 pm

    I have to try the martini – this weekend.
    Look delicious!!!

  • Jonessaborequiredbit May 3, 2013, 9:56 am

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