Crispy Baked Eggs – The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook 1959

 The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook  1959

The pages of the General Foods Kitchens Cookbook are filled with detailed “howto’s,” “what if’s,” and numerous tips for “just in case.” Even better, the contents page is organized by situation. Brilliant!  Under the chapter entitled The Good Neighbor Policy, you will find suggested menus for when neighbors move in or out. Chapter 5, How to Rise to the Occasion, tells you want to make when your husband unexpectedly brings a hungry coworker home for dinner. The book overflows with lighthearted encouragement and kitchen camaraderie; it reads like a well thought out letter from your closest girlfriend, aunt, or grandmother. As I read through it, I got the distinct feeling that the women of the General Foods Kitchens had been there and done that. It led me to believe their advice can be trusted.


I chose to make a recipe that appears on page 78, nestled between Butterscotch Pecan Rolls and Tips for Special Occasions. Under a header that said, “When one of the children is sick,” I found this simple 3-ingredient recipe for Crispy Baked Eggs.


Click here for the recipe and to read more on Crispy Baked Eggs over on The History Kitchen.


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