A 1959 vintage recipe for Bread & Butter Waffles

Bread & Butter Waffles  on TheHistoryKitchen.com

Nowadays, when the “cook” is also housemaid, chambermaid, waitress, nurse, chauffeur, gardener – as well as wife, mother, job-holder, and community leader – the “dailiness” of food preparation is more challenging than ever. It’s a big job. And the wonder of it is that so many do it so well, turning out an incredible number of eye-filling, soul-satisfying meals with skill, imagination, and grace. Planning, buying, preparing, and serving three meals a day means 1,095 such efforts a year (add three for Leap Year)! No wonder that once in a while they bog down – even the best of them. 

– The General Foods Kitchen Cookbook, 1959

Reminiscing about the 1950’s might bring to mind the image of a picture-perfect housewife, such as June Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver.” There she is, wearing her pearls, high heels, and matching floral apron as she gracefully dances across the kitchen.  With whisk in hand she twirls with ease, like a ballerina in point shoes floating across the stage. She was one of the ladies who was doing it “so well.” But was never as easy as June Cleaver made it seemNot even close!

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