parmesan & rosemary buttermilk biscuits

Parmesan Black Pepper and Rosemary Biscuits on Louise

Biscuits are feed my soul kind of food. It doesn’t matter if  I am over-the-moon- happy or down-in-the-dumps-sad, fresh baked, fluffy biscuits, still  warm from the oven feed my soul and seem to make eveything better.  To me they are like a warm hug or a kiss on the cheek after a long day. I have that same lovey dovey  relationship with extra toasted, grilled cheese sandwiches or  a stack of  fluffy buttermilk pancakes soaked in butter and  oozing with real maple syrup.  I inherited this affection for comfort foods from my mom, all of these recipes remind me of being a kid in my mother’s kitchen.  Parmesan-black-pepper-rosemary-buttermilk- biscuits are my creation, but as I drizzled them in honey and then proceeded to pop each little biscuits in mouth, one after another- I couldn’t help feel like I was five years old.  I always have that feeling like I am a kid and any minute my mom is going to yell at me for not waiting until dinner.  Then I realize that I am the mom and I can eat as many biscuits as I want to … Sometimes it’s good to be a grown up.

Parmesan Black Pepper and Rosemary Biscuits on Louise

The most important part of making these biscuits is the quality of your butter and your cheese.  Use a high quality butter and never ever used canned parmesan cheese.  I used freshly grated Parmesan Reggiano.  The buttery nutty flavor of real Parmesan cannot be substituted.  Even though this recipe is a little more savory with the cheese, black pepper, and rosemary, don’t let that keep you from drizzling them with honey or jam.  These biscuits are wonderful for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  For this recipe and many others visit Saputo cheese.


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