Salted peanut butter blondies Thumbnail

Sometimes life doesn't go  the way I expect it to.    I expected to send my kids off to college, my son to 4th grade and to have the whole house to myself and work ... quietly... ALONE.  I guess that wasn't in the cards because my husband was thrown from his bike during a triathlon and is now home in bed with a broken […] Read More

How to make homemade enchilada sauce Thumbnail

I can't remember one single instance in my life where my mom actually showed me how to cook anything, let alone how to make homemade enchilada sauce.  But I watched her make homemade enchiladas my whole life, and I've been eating this sauce on everything from tostadas, to tacos, tamales, and enchiladas since I was a little girl.  I've even reinvented it to make a […] Read More

Things you just know about yourself… Sumac & citrus roast chicken Thumbnail

Sumac has a natural acidic citrus flavor and allspice is a fragrant combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Those flavors paired with the concentrated sweet and sour roasted citrus juice squeezed over the top, I know you will not be able to resist eating this chicken with your fingers straight out of the oven!

Macaroni and cheese for grown ups Thumbnail

How to make a macaroni and cheese from scratch using just milk, eggs, noodles, and cheese.