To acknowledge your dying…  Thumbnail

"To acknowledge that you're dying,  is to let go of the future. " I am tearful to the point of physical pain. I am grieving the loss of my future.  Grieving the loss of my own life.  Yes, I am still here, but it is the unbearable pain of knowing that I will have to say goodbye to the ones I love. It's the pain of […] Read More

My soul waits in silence.  Thumbnail

My soul waits in silence for God only. From Him is my salvation. He is my rock my stronghold, I shall not be greatly shaken. - Psalm 62:1 My soul waits in silence for God only. I'm surrendered to His will, His plan, and His purpose for this... This that feels so painfully wrong and unfair. This that has broken my heart over and over […] Read More

In the dark…  Thumbnail

Again therefore Jesus spoke to them, saying, " I am the light of the world, he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life."  - John 8:12 In the dark I can see the light more clearly. In the dark my senses become heightened and I have to rely on what I  know, not what I can see. […] Read More

A recipe for zesty chili & lime veggie fried rice on LouiseMellor.com

 Oh January - why can't you taste like November and December? January has me eating zesty chili & lime veggie fried rice, but the memories of the holidays are still fresh on my tongue. November was tasty, but might have been outdone by December - I can't decide. It all feels like a delicious dream. Here's what I do remember.  I peeled, boiled, and riced endless amounts of […] Read More

Top spices for cooking on LouiseMellor.com

Next to my stove-top I have a large spice drawer.  Sometimes it's organized, most of the time it's not. Sometimes the lids fall off and that's why there is oregano stuck to a blob of molasses, or is that honey? Sometimes I refill the cute little labeled jars  and sometimes it's a collection of mismatched messiness.  Above the spice drawer I have a spice cabinet.  First shelf is for […] Read More