Pulled chicken biscuit sliders with blackberry chipotle sauce and cilantro lime slaw on –

Fourth of July came and went and I felt as if I just wasn't ready for it.  The weather here in Orange County has been strangely cool and since I've been working there has been little time for the beach.  But even though the weather doesn't quite feel like summer, my appetite  has been craving barbecue. I've mentioned before one of my all time favorite BBQ spots- BigMista's BBQ.  I […] Read More

It's definitely summer here in Southern California and the farmer's markets are overflowing with gorgeous fruits and vegetables.  It's so hard for "someone like me" to even go into the farmer's market.  Did you see that movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic?"  She walks the streets of New York and the mannequins reach out to her calling her name, luring her in to come in and shop. Then when […] Read More