Bristol Farms

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Red Walnuts on LouiseMellor.com_

Everything tastes better in a Bundt pan and this tasty treat is no exception. The texture is so creamy and light, but loaded with sweet- pumpkin-spice-goodness. A little maple cream cheese frosting never hurt anyone and I needed it to make the walnuts stick to the top like little ruby gemstones.

VIDEO – If I worked at Bristol Farms …  Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Muscato Grapes Thumbnail

Chef Louise Mellor sneaks into the newly remodeled Bristol Farms Newport Beach to showcase Melissa's Produce all the while masquerading as an employee.

Geez Louise! Who knew going to a live Hatch Chile roast at Bristol Farms Newport Beach would be so much fun. The smell of blistering roasting chilies in the air was intoxicating!