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Can I share with you the single most important thing I love about my job?   It's the food, no big surprise, right? I live and breath food, dancing with it in my head.  I go to sleep at night dreaming about the whipped cream I am going to put on my coffee in the morning, and no sooner is breakfast, that I'm thinking about […] Read More

Respect the sauce...What is fish sauce? How can I describe it? Well ... I could tell you how it smells, but I really would rather not - this is a happy place where we only gush over dreamy fragrances. I have a distinct memory of when I bought my first bottle of nuoc mam many years ago. I popped open the top and took a […] Read More

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ... all the great food, and presents!   I recently had the pleasure of being invited to do a cooking class for the beautiful blushing bride to be, Sony.  The hostess, Dana is one of my favorite clients.  She is a kind and  generous hostess who always has everything set out just perfectly.  She has a beautiful home - cozy and welcoming, aprons for […] Read More

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If you were stranded on a dessert island and all you could have to eat would be one thing, what would it be?  My answer every time... potatoes.  Not that I get asked that on a daily basis but it is something I ask others, in other words, what is your favorite food?  Let's face it, there are so many potato recipes out there you […] Read More

It's definitely summer here in Southern California and the farmer's markets are overflowing with gorgeous fruits and vegetables.  It's so hard for "someone like me" to even go into the farmer's market.  Did you see that movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic?"  She walks the streets of New York and the mannequins reach out to her calling her name, luring her in to come in and shop. Then when […] Read More