Dessert with my friend Virginia – Dark chocolate coconut rum fondue Thumbnail

It took everything in me not to pull over and stop. Instead ...I kept driving, my eyes focused on the road ... trying my best not to be distracted.  Sitting in the passenger seat, my daughter was telling me a story, but her sweet delicate voice was being muffled out by the persistent voices in my head and the persuasive shouting coming from the street […] Read More

I think I could stop … if I wanted to.  Chocolate malted martini Thumbnail

I might have a serious problem.  I've watched enough episodes of  Hoarders Buried Alive to know that what I'm about to tell you could be ... well ...  considered by some to be a medical condition that needs to be treated. I mean ...  I think I could stop ...  if I wanted to ... I mean it,  I really plan on cutting back.  Tomorrow. […] Read More

What would you bring back from the 50’s?  Chocolate Malted Creme Brulee Thumbnail

   Top 5 things we should bring back from the 1950's Women's fashion - swing skirts with petite coats, fancy hats, gloves, nylons and high heels ... That's right nylons, I will take a pair with the seam up the back.  The 1950's gal was dressed to impress - I like her. Homemade pudding -  the kind with the skin that forms on the top.  Not packaged-instant-boxed […] Read More

What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you?  Rocky Road Meringue Cookies Thumbnail

  What do you think your favorite flavor of ice cream says about you? I'm not joking around here, we are talking deep-psychological-your-waffle-cone-reveals-truth-kinda stuff. Pause here and take a minute to reflect, I'll wait. Rainbow sherbet  says -  you have a colorful wild streak that runs through you, you aren't afraid of going against the crowd.  When every one else says ice cream you scream […] Read More

I have a secret I'm dying to tell you all about it but I can't dumb confidentiality agreement I signed but I can tell you these are the Chucks I was wearing in Hollywood on the set  of a television show when I met her (who looks way prettier in person than on TV) there was sugar, glitter, chocolate, and marshmallows I cooked, styled, wiped, and washed I whisked, […] Read More