Christmas desserts

A pinch more of this, an additional dash of that, and an extra splash of you know what.. How do you re-create recipes? I don't think I've ever used a recipe "as is". Call me a rebel, a know it all - I don't care, I've been called worse. It's not in my nature to follow the norm, I have to at least "try" to make something better, just ask my husband. We all know that in the kitchen you can be as creative as you would like to be with savory foods, lending your own creative twist without much risk. But in the pastry kitchen, it's a different story all together; it's more like a science experiment.

We're friends now you and I, right?   So,  I feel compelled to be perfectly honest with you.   No really, if we are going to continue to meet like this, it's just better that there are no secrets between us.    It's always best to just tell the truth ... that way you won't hate me later and our relationship will be stronger. Please don't judge me, […] Read More