Denise Vivaldo

Wanted : Food Stylist All classicly trained chefs who suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) - PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON ...  bring tweezers. You must know how to cook EVERYTHING ... without a recipe You must love cooking food, touching food, playing with food, painting food, Scotch Guarding food, and torching food, but NEVER,  EVER ,  must you EAT  the food, or heaven forbid ... […] Read More

"What a successful food stylist does is help produce a photo that sells a dream, brand, product, sandwich, plate, lifestyle, chef, or restaurant. Think of it this way: every picture tells and sells a story". ~ Denise Vivaldo author of The Food Stylists Handbook Will the real Food Stylist please stand up?  What or shall we say, who is a Food Stylist?   Great discussion question, don't you think?  Quite a […] Read More