Food Styling

Tips on how to style food for photography on GEEZ LOUISE!

How to style food for photography?  Is there a right way, and can there be a wrong way?  Depending on who you ask, you might get a variety of answers.  I believe there are two integral parts to food styling.  The first is knowing how to make the food itself look good for the camera, like making the meatloaf "smile" for the camera.  This certainly […] Read More

There are no rules on the playground … Thumbnail

Colorful ripe melon tossed with a good quality fruity olive oil, honey, and mint ... perfection. The honey and olive oil mix together with the juice from the melon to create a sumptuous sauce that will pool at the bottom of your glass, so be sure to serve this with a spoon.

Let’s call it what it is… “cake”.  A recipe for Espresso coffee cake “muffins” Thumbnail

We can call these espresso coffee cake muffins, but let's be honest, these muffins are just a delicate buttermilk cake with a crumbly brown sugar & cinnamon frosting spiked with a little coffee to make us feel like it's okay to eat cake for breakfast. Although they tasted just as good for lunch and dinner. A better name might be coffee cake anytime cupcakes.

Hatch Chile potato hash … Smells like home Thumbnail

It smells like ... home I have an overly sensitive nose.  It is my friend when the nutty fragrance of brewing coffee hits me at 5:00 a.m while my eyes refuse to open.  However, it is equally my enemy when I'm stuck in traffic and the stench of a dirty little sock that has been left in my car begins to make its air assault on […] Read More

Olive oil cake with cherry plums and almond cream Thumbnail

Things I love about farmers ... Farmers get excited to watch you taste their "goods" ... Farmer Bruce watched quietly as we pulled his plums from the tree.  A bite of the warm plums evoked an outburst of delight, and then it would happen.  Farmer Bruce would blush under his beard and a boyish grin would brighten his stoic face.  I smiled, he smiled I'm […] Read More