malted milk

I think I could stop … if I wanted to.  Chocolate malted martini Thumbnail

I might have a serious problem.  I've watched enough episodes of  Hoarders Buried Alive to know that what I'm about to tell you could be ... well ...  considered by some to be a medical condition that needs to be treated. I mean ...  I think I could stop ...  if I wanted to ... I mean it,  I really plan on cutting back.  Tomorrow. […] Read More

What would you bring back from the 50’s?  Chocolate Malted Creme Brulee Thumbnail

   Top 5 things we should bring back from the 1950's Women's fashion - swing skirts with petite coats, fancy hats, gloves, nylons and high heels ... That's right nylons, I will take a pair with the seam up the back.  The 1950's gal was dressed to impress - I like her. Homemade pudding -  the kind with the skin that forms on the top.  Not packaged-instant-boxed […] Read More