Baked Egg & Spaghetti Nests on

  Here I am, sitting at Starbucks's, halfway through my Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, with writer's block.  I have Vivaldi playing in my ears to help open the right parts of my brain to be creative - but it's not working.  I have nowhere to be, no projects to rush me out the door, nothing at all to keep me from being able to write. […] Read More

Cook garlic right, convert a vampire… Spaghetti with toasted garlic Thumbnail

Why do vampires hate garlic? Does anybody really know?  Have you ever met someone who just loves garlic, they seem to put it in everything? Garlic powder, granulated garlic, garlic salt, and then there is the biggest offender...jarred garlic.  Don't even get me started with that bitter, chunky,wannabe food product in a jar.  I know there are many of you who are thinking  "Geez Louise! […] Read More

"This is my no carb left behind experiment" ~ Eat Pray LoveI walked out the movie theatre after seeing "Eat Pray Love," with lingering feelings of both sadness relief, and joy.  I sat quietly in self reflection in the car ride home,  going over the movie in my mind, and questioning why it seemed to have taken me on an emotional roller coaster.  I know you're thinking that I related […] Read More

Cinnamon, cloves, apples, squash, caramel corn, pumpkins, stews, chili, sage, rosemary, roasts, braised short ribs and simmering veal stock- the flavors of Fall are intoxicating and nostalgic. I surrendered this week; threw in the white "dish towel" and said goodbye to Summer.  I'm jumping in feet first into the stock pot, and I'm ready for some hearty slow cooked comfort food; bubbling soups and slow braises.  I bought my […] Read More