Safest Choice egg

Macaroni and cheese for grown ups Thumbnail

How to make a macaroni and cheese from scratch using just milk, eggs, noodles, and cheese.

A Christmas bucket list… Salted butterscotch everything! Thumbnail

The holidays are sneaky like dogs who steal food off your counter, you turn your back for a second and in the twinkling of an eye ... the butter and the holidays have disappeared before you really got to do everything you really wanted to.   Ohhhh but not this year, I've got my eye on you dog December 25th and  I made a Christmas bucket […] Read More

What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you?  Rocky Road Meringue Cookies Thumbnail

  What do you think your favorite flavor of ice cream says about you? I'm not joking around here, we are talking deep-psychological-your-waffle-cone-reveals-truth-kinda stuff. Pause here and take a minute to reflect, I'll wait. Rainbow sherbet  says -  you have a colorful wild streak that runs through you, you aren't afraid of going against the crowd.  When every one else says ice cream you scream […] Read More

I just got back from a beautiful weekend in Del Mar California.  We stayed at a little place right on the water just steps from the sand.  I could have just stayed on the balcony all weekend breathing in the salty fresh air and listening to the pounding strength of the waves crashing against the shore. I have always adored the ocean and can remember each season of […] Read More