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Nothing says I love you like bacon buttermilk waffles … Thumbnail

There is no sweeter way to start Valentine’s day than breakfast in bed and nothing says I love you more than … BACON!

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I'm just not ready. I  don't care that it is January 17th, I'm just not ready.  I'm not ready to start the new year because  there is still one lonely nutcracker that hasn't made it up to the attic. I slightly remember there was trick or treating because I did find a lot of empty candy wrappers stuffed between the couch pillows. I have a strange feeling […] Read More

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Mirror mirror on the wall I am my mother... after all! I remember as a little girl thinking my mother was so beautiful, she was and still is.  As a teenager I completely rebelled and couldn't find any common ground with the woman.  Until just recently (that's a whole lot of time in between) I've constantly battled with my psyche, convincing myself that I am nothing […] Read More