Do you ask yourself,  what's in season? Do you know the difference between availability and seasonality? Have you been to the farmer's market lately? Answering these simple questions can change your direction as a cook and you might even find your food tastes better, much better.  Here in Southern California, because of our Mediterranean climate, the transition from summer to fall is a little slower than most other places […] Read More

"Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again" ~ Julia Child Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Creme Brule, Pudding, Flan, Creme Caramel ,  Quiche, and yes Frittatas- what do  they all have in common?  EGGS... All of them could be considered a type of custard, yes really custard,  eggs + liquid = custard.  For instance ice cream is really Creme Anglaise - […] Read More

I was told by my oldest daughter this weekend that I was "FIRED".  It didn't take long after her moment of boldness for the rest of my household to add in their complaints to the mix.  "There is no milk, no eggs, no cereal!" In my defense there was peanut butter, oh...but sadly no jelly. The refrigerator -  filled with leftover bowls of this and that, desperately […] Read More