Dessert with my friend Virginia – Dark chocolate coconut rum fondue Thumbnail

It took everything in me not to pull over and stop. Instead ...I kept driving, my eyes focused on the road ... trying my best not to be distracted.  Sitting in the passenger seat, my daughter was telling me a story, but her sweet delicate voice was being muffled out by the persistent voices in my head and the persuasive shouting coming from the street […] Read More

The most important thing I decided after Campblogaway was ... wait for it... really, it's a good one ...  here it is:I'm not going to take my blog so seriously.  My life is too stressful on it's own to let this creative place turn into another "have-to" kinda thing.  The bottom line is I love food,  you too, right?  So let's agree to keep this place […] Read More

Surely I can, I think I can, or... at least I want to believe I can.  I can hardly stand the idea of throwing in the dish towel, and so I keep on keeping on ... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ... do it all , and do it ... perfectly.  Here is an example of how far […] Read More