Everyone knows the way into a man’s heart is… Thumbnail High heels, red lipstick, perfume...  although they are effective tricks in wooing your guy, nothing is more powerful in the game of romance than the smell of a steak and homemade french fries.  You might be able to change a tire,  play Fantasy Football, or even talk baseball stats ,  but when it all boils down - everyone knows,  that the way into a […] Read More

Oven roasted nuts with rosemary, sea salt, and lemon & how to VIDEO Thumbnail

  Nothing is tastier at a cocktail party than great finger foods and cold cocktails.  A big bowl of roasted nuts are the perfect do-ahead, easy appetizer for entertaining.  When hosting a party, give yourself a break and choose menu items that can be prepared ahead of time.  You will thank yourself when you aren't running around in the kitchen, but instead, enjoying your guests.   These roasted […] Read More

Potato Herbed Focaccia with Caramelized Shallots – video Thumbnail

Do you think superheroes get together for Thanksgiving? I wonder if Bruce Wayne shows up at Peter Parker's house with the bread?  Does Robin get to sit at the adult table with Batman, or is he shunned to the kid's table?  I bet Diana Prince has to come as Wonder Woman just so that the dinner can actually get to the table on time ... […] Read More