Crispy Baked Eggs – The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook 1959 Thumbnail

 The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook  1959 The pages of the General Foods Kitchens Cookbook are filled with detailed “how-to’s,” “what if’s,” and numerous tips for “just in case.” Even better, the contents page is organized by situation. Brilliant!  Under the chapter entitled The Good Neighbor Policy, you will find suggested menus for when neighbors move in or out. Chapter 5, How to Rise to the Occasion, tells you want […] Read More

Let’s call it what it is… “cake”.  A recipe for Espresso coffee cake “muffins” Thumbnail

We can call these espresso coffee cake muffins, but let's be honest, these muffins are just a delicate buttermilk cake with a crumbly brown sugar & cinnamon frosting spiked with a little coffee to make us feel like it's okay to eat cake for breakfast. Although they tasted just as good for lunch and dinner. A better name might be coffee cake anytime cupcakes.